The Best Solution for Offices with Integrated Services

At Mozambique Managed Offices (MMO), we understand that during certain phases of your operations in Mozambique, you may only need a small team in the country. However, it would be better not to compromise your corporate image. Our executive serviced offices start from two-person spaces and are fully equipped with modern and stylish designs. With flexible terms, you can easily increase the size of your office as your operations grow. Offices that scale with your business.

Intermediation Services

As a market leader in offices with integrated services and facilities management in Mozambique, we understand that each company has unique needs and requirements. That's why we offer a full range of intermediary services to help you find the perfect solution for your office needs. Whether you are a small start-up company or a large multinational, our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your needs, budget and preferences. Based on this information, we will carry out extensive research into the local market and present you with a range of options that will help you.

Facilities Management

For an effortless activity, the day-to-day management of your facilities can consume your resources and divert your attention from your company's core operations. That's why we offer a comprehensive facilities management service that manages every aspect of your office, allowing you to focus on running a profitable business. We can provide a customized solution for your entire portfolio of installations.

Virtual Office for a Professional Image

Before you need a permanent location in Mozambique, you will need to project a professional image to your potential clients. Our virtual offices give you a great business address without the overhead costs of a physical office space.

Private and Confidential Service

At MMO, we take confidentiality seriously. Our clients' logos are not displayed on our website or in advertising. You will not see any MMO branding next to your company branding in any of our office centers. Our goal is to help you protect your business brand, not ours.
When you choose our services, you can customize your office with your company's image. Our reception service will answer your dedicated phone call in a personalized way (with your company name), making your office space truly yours.

Seamless Project Management

As your operations expand, your team outgrows its space in our office center. Finding the perfect location for your business in a foreign country can take time and effort.
However, with our extensive local knowledge and close consultation with you, we can manage the entire transition for you. We will find the ideal location and prepare your office according to your specific needs.