Company Overview

At MMO, we offer world-class serviced offices and facilities management solutions in Mozambique. We aim to provide a safe and secure work environment while allowing our clients to focus on their core business operations.

World Class Serviced Offices and Facilities Management

Our serviced offices are designed to exceed the expectations of our clients. We go beyond the traditional managed office space and strive to create a true partnership with our clients. Our serviced office space is not just a place to make phone calls and send emails but a reflection of your company’s image and values. We brand the office with your company logo, and our staff answer phones and greet guests with your business name, ensuring that your office space truly feels like your own.


At MMO, we believe that having access to local knowledge and expertise is crucial for the success of our client’s businesses. Our dedicated team is committed to sharing their extensive local knowledge and providing customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.


Whether it’s our managed office space, facilities management services, project management, virtual office, or brokerage services, we strive to deliver exceptional service levels and go above and beyond to ensure the growth and success of our clients in Mozambique.

We offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to support all your business needs, including:

Our serviced offices are designed to provide a professional and well-equipped working environment, offering all the necessary resources for your business to thrive.

Our facilities management services ensure that your office space is well-maintained, clean, and equipped to meet the demands of your business.

Our project management team provides support and guidance to ensure that your projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standard.

Our virtual office services provide a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for a professional image without a physical office.

Our brokerage services offer a range of options to help you find the best solutions for your office needs.